A Lilac Tree could be the perfect Ornamental Tree for your yard!

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

The lilac tree shares many of the same traits as a lilac bush, although it grows a lot more upright and possesses a much wider trunk. This tree may grow to a height of 30  feet, which makes it perfect for urban landscaping and smaller spaces

Tip: Planting this kind of tree directly behind your lilac bushes can prolong the lilac’s flowering season by several weeks.

The round shape of a lilac tree can offer you a lot of shade, ideal for hot summers. These trees should be planted somewhere where direct sunlight is prominent. The flowers on a lilac tree are very similar to that of a lilac bush. Take care when pruning this tree, and don’t take off too much, as this will negatively impact it’s flower production the next year..

With proper care, the lilac tree can live well over a century and offer you hundreds of blooms every year!

Ready to put a lilac tree in your yard? Call Arbor Hills for a quote. We would love your business.


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