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Ornamental Grass: Low maintenance grasses can bring your landscape to life


Several variety’s of Ornamental Grasses are growing in popularity through out the Midwest.  If you are considering a new landscape design or if you are deciding on new plants to spruce up your existing landscape, consider adding ornamental grasses. They offer longevity and low maintenance appeal while making your yard look carefree. The drama and beauty that these native grasses can bring to your Nebraska or Iowa landscape are unparalleled in the landscape design world.   Take a look at why ornamental grasses are well worth a look for your low maintenance landscape redesign.

  1. Once established, ornamental grasses are simple and easy to maintain.
  2. They are resilient to the point of surviving extremes in weather from a wet and rainy spring to the hottest of mid-western summers.
  3. Not only are they hardy, but grasses also lend versatility to your space.
  4. From a more manicured look to the naturalized woodland prairie design, ornamental grasses fit in seamlessly.
  5. Most are virtually disease and pest free.