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Star Magnolia shrubs and trees


Magnolia stellata, also known as star magnolia, is a shrub or small tree that is slow-growing and native to Japan. These have large, white or pink fragrant flowers with 12-30 thin petals that bloom early in March. Before these flowers bloom, in late winter, this tree begins to grow groups of fuzzy buds waiting to blossom. The flower, once bloomed, requires shelter from frost and wind, which can discolor the blooms.

Star Magnolias grow anywhere from 10 to 20 feet with an 8 to 15 feet spread with a rounded crown shape for a tree or a large oval to rounded shrub. They are best grown in moist, well-drained organic soil in full sun to partial shade, and are intolerant of most urban pollutants. Star Magnolias require medium maintenance of pruning, which should be done after flowering to avoid ridding the tree of its buds that are set for the next season. They grow best when protected from high winds, and it is best to avoid planting these in southern exposures where the buds may open too early in late winter.

Remaining small and compact for several years, Star magnolia is a great flowering tree for a small yard. These can be incorporated with other trees and shrubs into a planted bed for a great look. Try planting near a dark background such as a brick wall or darker trees to show off the flowers. Star Magnolias are great to plant near your patio or deck, where you can enjoy the flowering scents all season long.

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A Lilac Tree could be the perfect Ornamental Tree for your yard!

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

The lilac tree shares many of the same traits as a lilac bush, although it grows a lot more upright and possesses a much wider trunk. This tree may grow to a height of 30  feet, which makes it perfect for urban landscaping and smaller spaces

Tip: Planting this kind of tree directly behind your lilac bushes can prolong the lilac’s flowering season by several weeks.

The round shape of a lilac tree can offer you a lot of shade, ideal for hot summers. These trees should be planted somewhere where direct sunlight is prominent. The flowers on a lilac tree are very similar to that of a lilac bush. Take care when pruning this tree, and don’t take off too much, as this will negatively impact it’s flower production the next year..

With proper care, the lilac tree can live well over a century and offer you hundreds of blooms every year!

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