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Ground Coverage plants can be a low maintenance alternative to grassy areas


Did you know that there is a ground cover option to meet most homeowners needs? Whether you’re planting a pathway, a hedge, or a broad swath of green, ground covers run the gamut of foliage textures and colors.  Ground covers can work great as barriers or landscape punctuation.

When deciding on which type of ground coverage plants to incorporate into your yard, try and look for attributes that meet your needs. Is it child-durable, deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, shade-loving?

Mixing various ground coverings up is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also good for the landscape – as diversity increases resistance to pests and disease and reduces the need for fertilizer and pesticides.

Here are some popular choices that we offer at Arbor Hills:

  • Blue Rug Junipers
  • Pachysandra
  • Plumbago
  • Rubeckia

Where to start? Landscaping project basics – Focal Points

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A great way to begin your landscaping project is by deciding on some focal points to place around your yard. These focal points can include various types of trees, big shrubs and tall ornamental grasses. Additionally, structures can also be focal points. These landscaping structures could be a patio or an outdoor living space, a walkway, a retaining wall or even a pond. Once these are in place, the rest of your landscaping details can fill in the additional space. Need some help with your landscaping goals? Contact Arbor Hills, we will be more then happy to help you with a landscaping layout and plan. Not sure about which trees and shrubs would work best for your landscape? We can help you with that too. 

Lighting Your Landscape, Tips for Landscape Design Lighting

Thinking of lighting options for your landscape project or existing landscape? Drive or walk around your neighborhood at night. Look at the many ways in which people light their property and then ask yourself these questions: What is my focal point? What levels of light do I want to achieve? What overall effect am I trying to create?

A well-lit home always looks fantastic. The focus of the lighting should really be the home. And most of the time, the focal point of a home is the entrance. A well-designed lighting system should “direct” you or your guests to your front door.


A lot of people are interested in lighting their outdoor entertaining space like a porch, pool, yard or patio. In doing this, the lights will illuminate the space for additional room  for guests to walk and hang out.


Are you interested in illuminating your trees and shrubs? You can actually use fewer lights placed strategically to accomplish this look. When trees, shrubs and flowers are lit, it brings out their color, form and texture.

Ready to add lighting to your yard? Call Arbor Hills with any questions.

Landscaping Basics – Sun and Wind Patterns


When preparing to enhance your backyard with a landscaping plan, don’t forget to take into account — the sun and wind patterns. You might want to place a patio on the west side of the house, but it will get lots of afternoon sun, which means dinnertime in August won’t be relaxing — just hot. And wind whistling around a corner will quickly extinguish a fire pit. Arbor Hills Landscaping can help you plan for these snafus. Our design professionals will help you take into account what the sun and wind do at different times of the day and year.