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Lighting Your Landscape, Tips for Landscape Design Lighting

Thinking of lighting options for your landscape project or existing landscape? Drive or walk around your neighborhood at night. Look at the many ways in which people light their property and then ask yourself these questions: What is my focal point? What levels of light do I want to achieve? What overall effect am I trying to create?

A well-lit home always looks fantastic. The focus of the lighting should really be the home. And most of the time, the focal point of a home is the entrance. A well-designed lighting system should “direct” you or your guests to your front door.


A lot of people are interested in lighting their outdoor entertaining space like a porch, pool, yard or patio. In doing this, the lights will illuminate the space for additional room  for guests to walk and hang out.


Are you interested in illuminating your trees and shrubs? You can actually use fewer lights placed strategically to accomplish this look. When trees, shrubs and flowers are lit, it brings out their color, form and texture.

Ready to add lighting to your yard? Call Arbor Hills with any questions.

Fire Pits and Patio expansions are some of the most popular home improvement requests this spring

Trees & Fire Pit

There’s much more to your outdoor living space than grass, flowers and trees. A fire pit and patio built with decorative brick pavers or stamped concrete goes a long way to create a warm, inviting space at just about any time of year.

Outdoor entertaining really is possible when you have a cozy space dedicated to drawing your favorite people together in fun and festivities. A fire pit offers a warm, dry space as long as the skies are clear. Permeable pavers can even expand the “dry” by reducing the effects of precipitation on your patio.

Arbor Hills Landscaping is introducing its new Patios and Walkways – Castel Stone Patio and Fire pit installation.  All new colors for 2014’ –  Most patios or walkways can be installed in 2-3 days.  Stamped concrete or Pavers.  Call today to discuss your project with Ed.