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Landscaping Basics: Foundation Landscape Design

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The idea:

Foundation plants, which circle around the foundation of your home – really should enhance your house, offering a more welcoming outdoor environment, and correlating it to the whole yard landscape.

Sadly. we often see under nurtured plants and overgrown evergreen shrubs lining the foundation of the home. Most of the time they offer no visual appeal to the overall landscape. We would love to offer some simple ways to avoid the foundation ‘sad’ scapes. Isn’t it about time to rethink the concept of your foundation landscape woes?

Work with your landscape architect to devise a plan to use the architecture of your home to determine the style of the foundation landscape.

1.) Is your home Mid Century Modern? Colonial? Tudor or Cottage Styled? If so, consider a landscape design that has some elements of the style of your actual home. Choose shrubs that bloom colors similar to your outdoor accent colors, such as the color of your door, the shutters etc.

2.) Design your landscape so that each side of your foundation landscape is the mirror image of the other side. Note: Informal, cottage-style homes and low-slung ranches look best with more casual, asymmetrical plant schemes. 

3.) Avoid landscaping elements that detract from the main entrance and the house in general, such as tall plantings that block views of your home, or a lonely flower bed in the middle of an open lawn.

4.) The foundation landscape around the entrance or walkway of your home is where guests experience your landscape close up and personally, so make this area welcoming with an interesting contrast of lighting and textures.

5.) Where there is a long stretch of bare-wall between windows – is often an invitation for a larger shrub, a small tree, or even a vine-covered trellis. Around windows, be sure not to cut off light and air with plants that will grow too high.

Contact the professional landscapers at Arbor Hills Trees and Landscaping. We can help you with your foundation landscaping concepts and work with you – every step of the way to see it to fruition. Contact us at 402.895.3635 or visit our website at arborhilltrees.com

Ornamental Grass: Low maintenance grasses can bring your landscape to life


Several variety’s of Ornamental Grasses are growing in popularity through out the Midwest.  If you are considering a new landscape design or if you are deciding on new plants to spruce up your existing landscape, consider adding ornamental grasses. They offer longevity and low maintenance appeal while making your yard look carefree. The drama and beauty that these native grasses can bring to your Nebraska or Iowa landscape are unparalleled in the landscape design world.   Take a look at why ornamental grasses are well worth a look for your low maintenance landscape redesign.

  1. Once established, ornamental grasses are simple and easy to maintain.
  2. They are resilient to the point of surviving extremes in weather from a wet and rainy spring to the hottest of mid-western summers.
  3. Not only are they hardy, but grasses also lend versatility to your space.
  4. From a more manicured look to the naturalized woodland prairie design, ornamental grasses fit in seamlessly.
  5. Most are virtually disease and pest free.

Landscaping design and flood prevention


Landscaping design and flood prevention for many homeowners, goes hand in hand. With the amount of water we’ve seen this Spring in Nebraska, it may be a good idea to create a overall plan for drainage combined into your landscaping design.

Raising soil levels for flower and shrub beds to keep heavy downpours away from foundations is a great place to start. Raised beds in front of your house is a great way to divert rain water in to a drain. That allows water to flow away from your house.

Did you know? For older homes and foundations especially, an overall landscaping design may be a necessity to change the flow of water coming towards the home.

DSCN2178Having a hardscape layout with pathways may be a good idea too. Hardscapes and pathways can offer water a way to flow away from your home and can be a good drainage plan for your landscaped yard. With a properly placed pathway, water can be directed to flow into the lawn.

Also consider various trees species for damp places in your yard where water builds up during a storm. For example, a willow tree does well growing in “wet spots” in a yard. When it matures, it can help decrease water build up in problem places throughout your landscaping.

Got Light? Landscaping lighting ideas for this season


Home owners are lighting up their landscaping in 2014. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your landscaping a bit brighter this season.

 Gas starters for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are becoming increasingly popular this spring.  No more messing with lighter fluid or starter logs; just ignite and leave the gas on until the wood catches, then enjoy a beautiful fire-pit with ease.

Incandescent bulbs are quickly becoming obsolete. Update your landscape lighting to include energy efficient LED fixtures. This is a cost effective and fun way to spruce up your landscaping this season. This year especially, lighting fixtures are being sold in great new designs and finishes. Look for creative styles that can be built right into brick patios, deck railings and steps, water features and more.

Ready to add new lighting to your landscape? Call Arbor Hills for a free quote. 402.895.3635 – Serving the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Linclon area.

Where to start? Landscaping project basics – Focal Points

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A great way to begin your landscaping project is by deciding on some focal points to place around your yard. These focal points can include various types of trees, big shrubs and tall ornamental grasses. Additionally, structures can also be focal points. These landscaping structures could be a patio or an outdoor living space, a walkway, a retaining wall or even a pond. Once these are in place, the rest of your landscaping details can fill in the additional space. Need some help with your landscaping goals? Contact Arbor Hills, we will be more then happy to help you with a landscaping layout and plan. Not sure about which trees and shrubs would work best for your landscape? We can help you with that too. 

Before you start landscaping

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Before you start landscaping, you need to consider the impact of the plants to home systems like water pipes, gutters, roofing materials and air conditioning units. You should also consider the kind of maintenance a certain plant needs and if the site could allow these plants to live. Also, you need to make sure that you will place the elements in a right manner that it could not block the sight of passersby and drivers. If you need any help with planning your landscape, call Arbor Hills Landscaping in Omaha. We will come out and do a site visit, help answer any questions you may have, and give you a solid landscaping plan for your yard.

Landscaping ideas for your yard this Spring


It’s obvious, landscaping and tree planting can really enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your property.


Flowering trees are beautiful for any yard, especially during spring. Trees can even save you money on your household energy costs when placed correctly for shading the home.


A “tree wall” is also perfect for those harsh Nebraska winds. Especially if you live on acreage or in a place with low tree coverage.

Trees & Fire Pit

This year, popularity is growing for an “outdoor living room”. While it can be beautiful,  it is important that the outdoor living and entertaining space fits your personality, family’s needs and budget. This is a perfect example of a backyard “living room” with a fire-pit and lovely patio.


Another popular landscaping idea this spring is unique walls and pathways. Building brick paths and stone walls creates a great flow for your yard. Brick and stone paths are a great way to transition from front yard to back yard.

We hope we’ve helped you drum up some great landscaping ideas that will help enhance your yard. If you need any help with your landscaping plans, please call Arbor Hills. We would be happy to help you with any questions.


Landscaping Basics – Sun and Wind Patterns


When preparing to enhance your backyard with a landscaping plan, don’t forget to take into account — the sun and wind patterns. You might want to place a patio on the west side of the house, but it will get lots of afternoon sun, which means dinnertime in August won’t be relaxing — just hot. And wind whistling around a corner will quickly extinguish a fire pit. Arbor Hills Landscaping can help you plan for these snafus. Our design professionals will help you take into account what the sun and wind do at different times of the day and year.