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Mulching your landscaping or garden beds in the fall



Yes, it is a really good idea to mulch your garden or landscaping in fall. Why? There’s a long winter ahead, especially if you live in Nebraska or Iowa, and you want to make sure that come spring, you’ll be all ready to plant.

When vegetable gardens and annual flowers have been harvested or are dead, garden mulching can begin!

Remember these basic guidelines when preparing to mulch your landscaping or garden:

  • Remove plant debris from gardens
  • Don’t let weeds remain in your garden or landscaping beds, because you will have to deal with them in spring if you don’t now
  • Now you’re ready for roto-tilling your soil
  • If using leaves as a garden mulch, shred them first (for example, by running the lawn mower over them before collecting them)

Landscaping Tips: Plant Selection Check List


Plant Selection Checklist: 

  •  Are you planting species that are adapted to specific Nebraska conditions to maximize their health and reduce need for supplemental water, fertilizer and pest control?
  • Are you grouping plants by their watering needs?
  • Are you selecting native or other well-adapted, non-invasive species?
  • Will you be increasing the diversity of your landscaped plants to invite new birds and wildlife to your yard?
  • Are you selecting low-maintenance plants that thrive and look good without constant attention?
  • Is it a priority to pant for shade to reduce home energy use and create comfortable outdoor spaces?