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Arbor Hills Landscaping Project: The Mueller Home

We had a great time working on this project…

See the Mueller Landscaping Project we did last year on our Houzz page.

This was a new construction landscaping project. Some unique project features include site built Out-Door Kitchen including storage room for pool supplies and Kegerator. Granite counter tops on the bar top. We used local Omaha suppliers for all materials. Over 500 Sq Ft of pavers and rock around the pool coping. This project was completed in mid summer of 2014.

For more details on how we can work with you to build the landscape of your dreams, please call Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping at 402.895.3635 or email: arborhills@cox.net



Retaining Wall Inspiration – Rethinking Traditional Retaining Walls

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The retaining wall is one of the most functional elements in all of landscape design.

The purposes of the retaining wall are first and foremost to do things like prevent erosion,

seepage and water damage. But don’t let the utilitarian nature of retaining walls

blind you to their more decorative and aesthetic possibilities.

High Foundation Illusion

Those living in houses built on a high foundation also have

reason to love the decorative possibilities of a retaining wall.

Retaining walls and rock beds that stretch along the line of the

foundation of a property that slopes downward can serve as a screen that creates the illusion of the house appearing to be constructed lower than it is.


A retaining wall needn’t be just a big, less than attractive structure.

If your situation is one in which a stream or creek needs to be directed away from your property, a retaining wall that softly slopes

away from the house can be transformed into a more attractive waterfall system of effluence.

Landscaping the water source with rocks and plants can serve to transform

the aesthetics of what would otherwise be a purely functional operation.

Garden Wall

Anyone who loves gardening can learn to love the decorative potential of a low-level retaining wall. Suddenly, your low and lowly retaining wall takes on a much more colorful appearance.