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Outdoor entertaining really is possible when you have a cozy space

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There’s much more to your outdoor living space than grass, flowers and trees. A fire pit and patio built with decorative brick pavers or stamped concrete goes a long way to create a warm, inviting space at just about any time of year.

Outdoor entertaining really is possible when you have a cozy space dedicated to drawing your favorite people together in fun and festivities. A fire pit offers a warm, dry space as long as the skies are clear. Permeable pavers can even expand the “dry” by reducing the effects of precipitation on your patio.

Arbor Hills Landscaping is introducing its new Patios and Walkways – Castel Stone Patio and Fire pit installation.  All new colors for 2015’ –  Most patios or walkways can be installed in 2-3 days.  Stamped concrete or Pavers.  Call today to discuss your project with Ed at 402.895.3635


Why it’s important to clean and protect your hardscape

Your Hardscape (brick pavers, retaining walls, natural stone work) were chosen because it offers long lasting beauty. But the beauty of these materials is not impervious to the harsh environment that we have here in Nebraska. Don’t forget that taking care of your hardscape areas is just as important as managing your landscaping. It’s really important to clean and protect your hardscape, to preserve its original appearance.


Keep your driveway, rocks, pavers and walkways clean by power washing two to three times throughout the fall months. Be sure to remove any oil, rust, tars, and efflorescence (the whitening that occurs naturally as water evaporates bringing salts to the surface) from your hardscape. Hardware stores carry various stone and concrete cleaning products like Naptha or mineral spirits, which can help you clean deep and stubborn stains much easier. Maintaining your hardscape annually will help prevent any stains from becoming permanent.